The first of its kind

Zero-Waste Fish Farm

The only solution that doesn’t pollute local water resources.

Enabling farmers to increase and improve production without the environmental costs.

And the only solution that is not limited to coastlines or water resources.


We Are Opening New Markets For Farmers

With Everblue’s Zero-Waste Fish Farm, local farmers, regardless of their location, can grow in regulated, climate-controlled, efficient, and environmentally-safe conditions.

More Benefits

Better Harvest Without Purging

Better Health & Higher Growth Rates

Kinder Farming for Higher Profits

Our Water Recycling Technology

Follow the water.

Our core technology can also be applied to existing farms.

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About Us

Invented by leading aquatic microbiologist of The Hebrew University Prof. Jaap van Rijn, Zero-Waste Fish Farms were designed based on in-depth academic research and technical field expertise. The Everblue team’s know-how in aquaculture wastewater management and off-flavor mitigation, combined with their passion and long family history of farming, has successfully translated research into a real solution.

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